Monday, December 29, 2008


My first client is a Malay man. He is working for LRT Station (management level). I had spent around one month to close his case. It is not because the client was a very troublesome man but it is because I was not knowledgeable enough at that time. As a result, I had to go back to confirm on the answers of the questions he asked me and met him next meeting. However, I learnt a lot about insurance because of the challenges he gave me.

Before he became my client, we didn't know each other at all. I got his contact number through my father. As an appreciation of trusting me, I had given him some free gifts. I was very happy that time not because he bought an insurance plan from me but because he trusted me on every explanation made by me. It is not easy to make people, including close friends, to believe in what we say, especially when we, as insurance agents, are explaining about our insurance plans.

Because he is a government servant, he doesn't need any insurance plan except a saving plan. So, he bought a saving plan for his wife called Excelpay 20. This is a saving plan which will pay an insured a guaranteed amount of coupon every two years, instead of three years, from the second policy year onwards. Disability benefit is given free to standard life until 59 years old. An insured is guaranteed to have to pay premiums of 20 years only and the level of premium will not increase in the future (guaranteed).

When I passed the policy to the client, I pointed out all the important benefits I had mentioned before to show him that everything I had explained previously was stated in his contract of insurance. In order to make him to better understand the insurance plan he had bought, I did a very simple summary. I was very satisfied because he was very satisfied with my explanations and services.

So, I think my decision to become an insurance agent is right. From here, I know that insurance companies in Malaysia don't lie because they are closely and fully controlled by Bank Negara Malaysia. It is some of the irresponsible insurance agents who lie. So, insurance agent is a very challenging and rewarding career. To be a good and successful agent, I will and have to work harder and harder.


  1. being a insurance agent do u get the basic salary from insurance co?i hold a BA in commerce i have interested in this field however there is lack of transparency from the offer..

  2. Generally, there are two types of insurance agents.

    Firstly, your monthly income is based on a basic salary. If you want a basic salary, you will never get any commission. If your basic salary is around RM 1,800 per month, you will still receive this amount every month even though you have 100 clients.

    Secondly, your monthly income is based on commission. You don’t get a basic salary. What you get is commission only. If you can’t close a case in a particular month, your new commission for that month is RM 0. However, your monthly income will be much higher than RM 1,800 if you are really hardworking and responsible.

    I belong to the second type. If you are really interested to become a full-time insurance agent, you are welcome to contact me via lcl832002@yahoo.com. Please remember that my agency just wants FULL-TIME INSURANCE AGENTS.

    I hope to hear from you as soon as possible.

  3. I used to be an AIA agent a few years back. I tried to sell but in the end realised its not for me. One of my friend is also an agent and he is doing very well now.

  4. Being an insurance agent is not easy. So, what do you think of AIA Berhad?

  5. Hi friend keep it up!continue do it!3 years onwards you will see results.worth it!